Your new jewellery is made of delicate textiles and components, please handle with care.

Ensure that your piece does not come into contact with water and I recommend not wearing perfumes come into contact as they may react with some materials.

Care and Storage of Brass Jewellery:
My brass jewellery is not coated or plated so that you can experience the richness as the metal changes over time. Brass jewellery will tarnish and patina, turning a dark brownish aged colour. This look can be just as beautiful as the shiny new brass.

However, if you prefer your brass to look shiny and new, simply clean it with a polishing cloth (I love Sunshine polishing cloths) or a homemade paste made with bicarbonate soda and lemon juice.

Store your brass jewellery in a dry place as moisture leads to tarnish so it is best to avoid getting it wet. To slow down the natural tarnishing process, a small ziplock bag is a great idea for storage if you are planning not to wear your piece for some time.